•  What percentage of glycol do I need?

Generally, a 30%-35% glycol solution is appropriate for installations in cold-weather states. Call us for specific recommendations.

•  Should I use Distilled or Virgin products?

Industry standards are being set that specify quality by laboratory results, whether the product is virgin or reclaimed.

•  I have a solar system.  What product and mixture I should use in it?

For safety, use PG or glycerin, or a blend of the two at 30-40% with very clean water. PG provides slightly better freeze suppression. If there are any plastic components, use glycerin.

•  Is it safe to use distilled propylene glycol to freeze proof my RV or boat?

Absolutely.  Distilled PG has the same chemical properties and is as non-toxic as virgin PG. Our distilled PG may once have served as HVAC fluid or wing-deicer protection.