Custom Blending

Whether it is percentage, additives, or color, we can blend any of our products to meet any specification that your system requires.


G2 Solutions can send a tech team to physically pump your selected heat exchange fluid directly into your system.  We are able to provide this service within about 150 miles of Denver.


G2 Solutions can arrange a vacuum truck and technician to pull used heat exchange fluids from a system that needs repair or will be taken off line entirely.  We will send this product to our sister company for recycling.


G2 Solutions is part of Great Western Glycol, one of the largest glycol recovery operations in the West.  We reclaim EG and PG on a regular basis, and provide a Certificate of Acceptance and Recycling for our customers.


We can provide short-term glycol needs on a rental basis!  Industrial companies often need to pressure-test equipment or run emergency equipment in harsh environments.  We also rent our storage tanks to hold your fluids while you perform maintenance on your system.