We provide a full range of inhibited and non-inhibited products to meet the specific freeze protection requirements and environmental concerns associated with your application.

We can also provide assistance in removing, injecting, and transportation of products.


  • Heat Transfer Fluids for HVAC

    Arctik Snow™ For most conventional HVAC applications, Arctik Snow™ is the appropriate choice. Our standard, concentrated, product is 96% propylene glycol, with a robust phosphate-intensive, multi-metals corrosion inhibitor package. The product also protects yellow metals (copper, brass, and bronze) and aluminum, which are left unprotected by traditional phosphate-only products. Custom Blends G2 strives to meet … Continue reading “Heat Transfer Fluids for HVAC”

  • Fire Suppression Antifreeze

    G2 Solutions offers two standard products that meet NFPA requirements for water based systems. That means our customers can fill systems with precise premixed blends and rest assured that they will be meeting fire codes. Arctik Flame™ Arctik Flame™ is factory-blended with propylene glycol at 37.5%-37.9% (not to exceed 38%). Our standard product includes corrosion … Continue reading “Fire Suppression Antifreeze”

  • Freeze Suppression Applications

    The combination of glycol or glycerin with water results in the suppression of the freeze point. Depending on the customer’s local climate requirements, concentrations from 30% to 60% are appropriate. G2 can blend an appropriate mixture, with or without inhibitors to meet system environment conditions to -60F. Propylene Glycol (PG) PG is generally the glycol … Continue reading “Freeze Suppression Applications”

  • Specialty/Custom Applications

    G2 has extensive experience, a well-educated staff and excellent industry affiliations. As a result, our team is able to help its customers “dial in” the appropriate product and corrosion inhibitor for nearly every heat transfer or freeze protection application, utilizing PG, EG or Glycerin.

  • Food and Beverage Processing

    G2 has developed a following among many leaders in the food and beverage processing industry. These customers need to maintain temperatures in processing lines and storage tanks that require heat transfer fluids that can operate in sub-freezing environments. Propylene Glycol (PG) G2 can provide Food Grade PG with or without Food Grade inhibitors to meet … Continue reading “Food and Beverage Processing”