G2 is unique in its ability to provide services far beyond packaged and/or bulk delivery of its products to the job site.  Since our inception, our team has performed hundreds of customer-specified services. Our delivery fleet can haul any amount of product up to 5,000 gallons and support your logistical needs.

Please know that G2 works with your mechanical contractor or in-house maintenance staff. We are heat transfer fluid experts, not HVAC technicians. We will not perform any plumbing, repair or control work on your systems, so there is no conflict of interests at your job site. Our technicians will follow your orders to complete the job properly.

System Evacuation

When a glycol loop needs service, it often must be emptied. G2 has evacuated hundreds of systems in Colorado and will schedule a site visit to determine the best method of meeting your needs.

Fluid Injection

Whether it's a new system or newly refurbished, G2 can fill it to meet the specifications set by the customer. We are experienced in meeting the desired glycol percentage, even when there is leftover rinse water or some original water/glycol trapped in the system.

The G2 team has filled large industrial systems, high rises, commercial buildings and entire campuses.

Glycol & Glycerin Recycling

Through a relationship with its sister company, Great Western Glycol, G2 can have spent glycol recovered for reuse via vacuum distillation. We are pleased to offer the environmentally conscious community sustainability, whether for LEED points or customer satisfaction.

Custom Blending

Through its supply relationship with world-class corrosion inhibitor producers, G2 can meet most any specification for glycol-based heat transfer fluids to protect any metallurgical needs.