Fire Suppression Antifreeze

G2 Solutions offers two standard products that meet NFPA requirements for water based systems. That means our customers can fill systems with precise premixed blends and rest assured that they will be meeting fire codes.

Arctik Flame™

Arctik Flame™ is factory-blended with propylene glycol at 37.5%-37.9% (not to exceed 38%). Our standard product includes corrosion inhibitors  to protect mixed metal systems. Note that propylene glycol is not recommended for systems containing CPVC.

Arctik Fire™

Arctik Fire™ is factory-blended with glycerin at 47.5%-47.9% (not to exceed 48%).  This is the appropriate product to use when CPVC is present in the system. G2 offers this product in both inhibited and uninhibited forms.  We recommend the inhibited product, as most sprinkler systems contain steel pipe in the main headers, as well as, metal componentry throughout.