Heat Transfer Fluids for HVAC

Arctik Snow™

For most conventional HVAC applications, Arctik Snow™ is the appropriate choice. Our standard, concentrated, product is 96% propylene glycol, with a robust phosphate-intensive, multi-metals corrosion inhibitor package. The product also protects yellow metals (copper, brass, and bronze) and aluminum, which are left unprotected by traditional phosphate-only products.

Arctik Sun™

G2 has a specialty product for solar and other high-temperature applications.  Arctik Sun™ is a PDO-based glycol with a NAPS-free (no nitrite, no amine, no phosphate, and no silicate) poly organic corrosion inhibitor package. PDO is a synthetic version of propylene glycol with a more durable molecular structure. The poly organic additives provide outstanding protection for all metals, including aluminum and copper.

Custom Blends

G2 strives to meet its customers' requirements, even when those specifications are not mainstream. For example, we can provide custom glycol blends in propylene glycol, ethylene glycol and PDO with either our conventional or poly organic inhibitor system. Plus, we can blend the inhibitor concentration if necessary to meet more demanding requirements. Products can also be blended to any required dilution (with deionized water) to meet an application's required freeze protection, when domestic water quality is a concern.